Code of Conduct

The following will be strictly enforced under Extreme Grand Prix Code of Conduct

  1. No cussing or foul language
  2. No fighting
  3. No loitering
  4. No weapons
  5. No panhandling
  6. No solicitation
  7. No disorderly conduct
  8. No bicycles or skateboards
  9. No bullying or roughness
  10. No outside food or beverages will be allowed in the facility
  11. No alcohol or loud music in the parking lot

***If you fail to follow our code of conduct or instructions issued by the staff, or if you are black flagged on the track, there will be NO REFUND for your visit with us. We want everyone to have fun, but no one person’s attempt at fun should create a dangerous or negative experience for any other person or group in visiting us. Please respect our rules and enjoy your time at EXTREME GRAND PRIX!***

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